Mildred Drops the Weight and Her Cholesterol


As you can see, lots of people have shaped up and reclaimed their health. Like Trulie, she slimmed down and today she looks great and loves her fruits and vegetables. Now take Mildred, healthy eating and better living lowered her cholesterol and gave her newfound energy:

Early in the program, my number one goal was to choose to regain lost health and proper weight by losing excess fat, pounds and inches. Lowell also chose to be free of digestive problems.

After being on the plan for approximately a year and a half I think it’s safe to say it’s been successful. Praise the Lord! Neither of us takes any prescription drugs. I have reached my goal of 40 pounds and have lost 13 inches in my waist. Now my goal is to maintain and continue a healthy lifestyle.

Over a 15 month period, my total cholesterol went from 199 to 172, triglycerides from 138 to 69, HDL 35 to 40, LDL 136 to 118, TC/HDL 5.6 to 4.3, glucose 131 to 97, blood pressure 148/90 to 132/78 and weight 149.4 pounds to 117.6 pounds. When I started on the plan, my weight was 152 pounds. It’s now 112…continue reading.

Trulie Gets Healthy, Looks Great!

Last week, we saw Martha and Stanley slim down and kick their heart disease and diabetes. The week before that, we learned how a healthy diet helped Irene reverse the progression of her non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Now check out Trulie. See how healthy living changed her life:

I later bought Eat to Live and the message that fruit and vegetables should occupy a predominant place was dead on. I adopted the ETL diet and the very specific recommendations for emphasizing high nutrient and low calorie foods. Slowly, but surely, the weight started to come off. What was amazing to me was how much food I was eating yet how I continued to lose weight.

My journey with eating a high nutrient diet has had its ups and down. I now know what true hunger is, to feel very satisfied with a meal, to not snack until the next meal, and, most surprising, I have greatly reduced my desire for the fatty desserts and other processed foods I loved so much. I would never have thought that I would look forward to a fruit and nut “ice cream” as much as the full fat dairy variety back during my food addicted-20s…continue reading.

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Martha and Stanley Rediscovered Life

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy. Like Charlotte, she used to be sick with diabetes and heart disease, but she got healthy and feels great. Now take Martha and Stanley, they started off sick and struggling, but today they’re slim, trim, healthy and looking good:

Neither of us is on cholesterol lowering medication. I have stopped the blood pressure medication. Our blood work results are excellent. We feel great, more energy and enjoying what we are eating more so than our previous SAD diet. Oh, and our weight has dropped without effort. For years we have tried to reduce our weight. Martha was a faithful at the local health club.

We were and still are frequent walkers. Her weight going back to 2001 ran between 150 and 165 regardless of the amount of exercise or diet. Now her weight is about 132. My weight, which is shown on the attached spreadsheet, historically ran from the high 170’s to the mid 180’s. November 1, 2006, a few days from now, I estimate that my weight will be 141, down 40 pounds from a year earlier…continue reading.

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Great Diet Halted Progression of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

Recovering your health comes in many forms. Some people, drop astonishing amounts of weight and others, like Jodi, overcome chronic skin rashes. Now take Irene, she changed her life and reversed the progression of stage-4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma:

When first I tasted a “blended salad” I lost my interest in eating altogether. But, now I actually look forward to my high-nutrition meals. In addition to prescribing this new way of eating, Dr. Fuhrman also recommended certain supplements that would best complement my eating regimen, such as Osteo-Sun, and Gentle-Care multi-vitamins.

I lost about 35 to 40 pounds in the first three months of eating for life. My cholesterol level dropped from 238 to 164! My other blood readings as well were excellent and have remained so, although I gained about 12 of those pounds back, where my weight has stabilized. And, in visit after visit to the oncologist, it did not seem that my disease was advancing beyond the original tumor that was located in my groin.

After 2-1/2 years of talking about the possibility of undergoing systemic chemotherapy, the doctor decided to use local radiation on that tumor as the preferred treatment of my disease, even though original tests had proved that I was a stage 4 case. The tumor melted away, and has not returned. In fact, no signs of the disease have been detected since…continue reading.

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