Introducing Dr. Fuhrman's Healthy Additions

Looking for healthy convenience in a fast food world? The choices are typically limited and compromised with high sodium and fat while offering little substance. I have created 3 high nutrient products to make healthy eating convenient, great tasting, and satisfying!

VitaBeanaVegaMin Soup

  • Contains the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and phytochemicals from carefully selected, natural, nutrient-rich foods. These disease-fighting foods may be the most powerful medicine to extend human lifespan and to prevent cancer, heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

Supreme Greens

  • Kale and mustard greens are two cruciferous vegetables loaded with disease-protecting nutrients. Supreme Greens combines kale and mustard greens with a creamy tomato-cashew sauce for a delicious dish that tastes great.

Moroccan Chickpea Stew

  • This flavorful, sweet and spicy stew is distinguished with a mix of both light (Kabuli) and dark (Desi) chickpeas. Desi chickpeas have markedly higher fiber content. The combination adds a mild, nutty-flavor to the vegetable stew to offer heart-healthy nutrients and a powerful protein punch.

Scientific studies reveal colorful, natural foods contain thousands of health protective nutrients, including phytochemicals, which are essential for excellent health. All of my Healthy Additions products contain a variety of phytochemical filled natural plant foods to create the healthiest and most nutritious products that also taste great.

Each can is like a meal by itself, packed with hearty ingredients, nutrients, and flavor! Visit to learn more about Healthy Additions. Stay tuned, for Healthy Additions Salad Dressings coming soon!!

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Help Change the Direction of Health Care


Nutritional science has made dramatic advances in recent years. We are at a point in history where we understand that the majority of diseases plaguing Americans are preventable. We have an unprecedented opportunity in human history to live healthier and longer than ever before. Nevertheless, most Americans have been brought up to believe drugs are the solution to their health care issues and billions of dollars get donated though non-profits to fuel drug development. This is the main reason we have a health care crisis today; the lack of funding for research in nutrition.

With the help of the National Health Association, I have set up the Nutritional Research Project, a non-profit foundation for the purpose of funding medical research utilizing my high-nutrient-diet therapeutically to reverse diseases. This information is also needed to promote the awareness of dietary-caused disease, the major cause of chronic illnesses and premature death in modern countries. As a nation it is possible for us to win the war against heart disease, strokes, dementia, diabetes, and cancers by making a few simple but profound diet and lifestyle changes.

My 20 years of patient experience with more than 10,000 patients and thousands of case histories demonstrate nutritional excellence is not merely preventative, but more effective than medications for most diseases. However, our population and the medical profession will never incorporate this lifesaving knowledge into our nation’s health care system until it is shown to be effective in medical journal published clinical studies.

We are in desperate need of funding to support such medical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of this dietary-based approach to disease and to bring the results of the research to the public for implementation.

I sincerely appreciate any money that can be donated to help this important cause. The billions of dollars that are typically donated to medical causes go exclusively to drug research and that is what essentially has caused the health care crisis in the modern world, and millions of needless deaths; an over-reliance on drugs, while people destroy their health with a disease-causing diet-style.

Especially in these trying economic times, even the smallest donation will make a difference. If everybody receiving this gave something we would be able to start 3 major studies in 2009. So, please join us in our effort to support the medical research projects that we have been developing. This is the time to initiate a new approach to health care.

Thank you for your support it means so much.


Make your tax-free donation here. Please email this page to a friend!

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