Ronnie Kicks 110 Pounds in 7 Months

Everyone has their own light bulb moment to lose weight and get healthy. For me, it was like comedian Kevin James said, I was tired of my belly jiggling when I brushed my teeth, but for Ronnie it was after a night of heavy drinking and the painful aftermath that followed:

The doctors put 3 stents into one artery and performed balloon on another and sent me home with a packet full of prescriptions on July 10th. I was very depressed because I wanted to live again but was faced with the realization of what I had done to myself. I had to look at what was in front of me.

For the first time in my life I saw that it wasn't life that was killing my body, my God it was me. Me and all the poor choices I had been making. I wanted to change, but how? I knew it all centered around what went in my mouth. That was what was killing me and had gotten me to the fix I was in. That night (3:00 am) I woke up with chest pains again…continue reading.


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Agatha Trims Down and Kicks Medications...

Today, it’s practically normal to be fat and on medications. Now, you can be content with this and give up or you can take responsibility and regain control of your health, like Agatha and her husband Nick. They were both unhappy, overweight and popping a bunch of pills, but not anymore:

My husband Nick and I read the book, saw Dr. Fuhrman as patients, attended his Health Getaway at Skytop Lodge and adopted his eating program. I have since lost a total of 36 lbs, and now weigh 129 lbs. I am no longer taking Liptor and my blood pressure is now 110/75.

Within the five days that we were at the Health Getaway and ate all that healthy food Nick (with the advice of his doctor) stopped taking: 1. Hydrochlorothiazide 2.Allopurinol 3. Lipitor 4. Singulair 5. Colchicine. Aspirin ( ) from 2 and is now taking 1 Carvedilol from 2 pills to 1 pill Amlodipine Besylate from 2 to 1…continue reading.

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Emily Goes from Yo-Yo Dieting to Slim and Healthy!

Losing weight feels great! It’s an awesome accomplishment. Just ask Brian, he lost 90 pounds, David dropped 30 and even singer Alanis Morissette shed 20 pounds on Dr. Fuhrman’s diet. Now check out Emily, she’s thinner and happier than ever before:

I had dieted in the past, and always felt deprived and miserable, but for the first time, I was eating lots of good quality food, and feeling great doing it! Of course, that first month I dropped 20 lbs, and my cholesterol dropped from 214 to 145, so that solidified my desire to commit to Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritional wisdom for the rest of my life!

Last March, my blood pressure was 157/94, and I was scared, because I knew that I was heading straight for hypertension medication and possibly an early stroke or heart attack. My blood pressure was in a healthy range…continue reading.


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David Slims Down, Now a Running Machine!

No one likes being overweight. Clothes don’t fit right, it hurts when you exercise and kills your self esteem, but switching to a vegetable-based diet can fix that! Take David, he started eating better, the extra pounds went bye-bye and now he’s running marathons! Here’s his story:

In just 90 short days, I was able to lose 30 lbs and a big portion of those pounds came off in the first 6 weeks like you mention in Eat to Live, although I must say I lost 21 lbs in 6 wks so I beat your prediction by 1 lb! It's almost a year later and I have maintained the weight loss and I continue to make smart decisions about what goes into my body.

I was never extremely overweight, but at 215 lbs (5ft 9in) I was very uncomfortable in my own skin. Many people get too complacent with their life and their unhealthy eating routines, until they eventually reach the tipping pun intended. Everyone in this situation needs a wake up call, hopefully it's not a bad wake up call…continue reading.

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Brian Gets Healthy and Drops 90 Pounds...

When you eat lots of fruits and veggies you’ll get healthy. You’ll lose weight. And, you’ll feel great! Tons of people have slimmed down thanks to Dr. Fuhrman. People like singer Alanis Morissette, she shed 20 pounds, and me, I cut 60 pounds. Oh, and check out Brian, he’s healthy now too:

Over the course of one year I lost 90 lbs, going from 288 pounds to 198 pounds, following Dr. Fuhrman's plan and doing interval training. I also normalized my blood pressure during this time.

At first, the transition was very difficult. It was helpful for me to understand Dr. Fuhrman's explanation about the ways refined foods act as drugs in the body. I experienced ups and downs during the 9 months, but overall, adopting a nutrient dense diet coupled with anaerobic exercise, gaining social support and…continue reading.

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