Mexican Diet Program, Muy Mal...

A new study in the Journal of Nutrition reveals Mexico’s attempt to encourage citizens to lose weight by paying them to attend annual medical check-ups and nutrition classes is actually causing them to pack on the pounds; via Reuters.


Overeating Eating and Substance Abuse, Similar...

I know, sounds weird. But a new study in Psychiatric News claims compulsive eating and substance abuse share the same neurological pathways and chemicals in the brain. Analyzing this relationship could yield better treatment options for both; via Booster Shots.

No doubt, we’ve all had moments where overeating, or eating something we shouldn’t, made us feel better. Dr. Fuhrman calls this emotional eating and it’s a serious impediment to health. Good news, cutting junk foods and eating healthier can eliminate the problem. Hooray!

Dairy Council Says Dairy Burns Fat...

Apparently, the news that milk does NOT work for weight-loss really peeved the National Dairy Council. Because they’ve just unleashed a new study, that they funded, claiming dairy foods boost fat-burning.

The “research” appears in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism. Reuters reports:

The study didn't find that eating the recommended three servings of dairy food each day made any difference in helping people keep off the weight that they had lost, but it did show that they were able to consume more calories without gaining weight compared with people who consumed less than one dairy serving daily.

Wow! Eat MORE dairy and you’ll be okay. Clever ploy National Dairy Council, if that is your REAL name! That’d be like Atkins publishing a study saying their dangerous diet is healthy. Oh wait, that happened.

So I guess we’re supposed to ignore the fact that dairy promotes Crohn’s disease and cancer, burdens the environment and harbors deadly bacteria!