Going MySpace!

Here’s another nifty gadget. Check out Dr. Fuhrman’s official MySpace page.

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Going FaceBook!

Hey all. Check this out. Dr. Fuhrman’s official FaceBook page!

Yours truly is the admin, so login and add yourself as a fan. Oh, and don’t forget our other gadgets too:

More to come, stay tuned!

Going Reddit!

Hey folks. I’ve got another gadget for you. DiseaseProof’s now on Reddit!

I’ll be adding to it frequently. So start voting for DiseaseProof posts today!

Here’s the link: reddit.com/user/diseaseproof. And don't forget about our Twitters!

Going Twitter!

Hey everyone. I just setup DiseaseProof on Twitter. Check it out: twitter.com/diseaseproof.

And don't forget Dr. Fuhrman's Twitter too: twitter.com/drfuhrman.

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