Green-News: Wednesday 11.26.08

Green-News: Tuesday 11.25.08

  • You could buy an expensive filter to clean your air or you could buy a plant. House plants like peace lily and Chinese evergreen help remove benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and other toxins from the air; via Huddler.
  • Environmentalists hate President Bush’s environmental record. But in one last hurrah he plans to create the largest marine conservation area in the world. Meaning he’d be protect more of the earth’s surface than anyone else in history; NewScientist explains.

Green-News: Tuesday 11.24.08


Greener Kids are Slimmer Kids

A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine reveals city kids living in greener neighborhoods were thinner. Researchers found a relationship between “greenness” and slower increase in body mass index over time; HealthDay News reports.

Putting kids to bed helps too. Oh, and keep them away from cockroaches!

Green-News: Friday 11.21.08


Green-News: Thursday 11.20.08

Green-News: Wednesday 11.19.08

  • Pollution has plateaued, following 6 years of growth, says a new report by the United Nations report, but there’s a catch. Data for the previous 2 years has not be announced; via The New York Times.

Cutting Cow Flatulence

I don’t eat meat. Mostly for health reasons, but nowadays, I think about the environment a lot. Livestock and meat production sap natural resources. And the all the methane gas, produced by farting cows, contributes mightily to global warming.

But experts predict eating less meat could help lower rising temperatures. Although some scientists have taken a different approach, they’re trying to engineer less flatulent bovine diets, like high-tech grass and food additives; via Plenty Magazine.

Green-News: Tuesday 11.18.08

  • Times Square is getting the first eco-friendly billboard, above the Chase sign. It’s powered by the sun and wind. But here’s the kicker, if there’s no sun or wind, it goes dark. No back generator; The New York Times reports.
  • Speaking of New York, even though Mayor Bloomberg’s attempt to require hybrid taxis was shot down, he hasn’t given up. Now he wants to offer financial incentives for taxi owners to buy hybrid; more from the New York Times.
  • Composting isn’t just a summer thing. Good winter composting tips include saving fallen leaves, not turning the pile to preserve heat and getting a bigger bin for under your sink and emptying it bin more often; via Stream of Consciousness.

Green-News: Monday 11.17.08

  • Waste paper is piling up. No one wants it. China used to buy it and recycle it. But they’ve stopped. Now, at great cost, it’s being stored. It could also end up in landfills; via TreeHugger.


Green-News: Friday 11.14.08

  • I’m not a car guy. If the thing runs, I’m cool! But some people obsess over cars. And at the 2008 SEMA car show someone whipped up that teeny-tiny eco-friendly Batmobile; from Green Stumbler.

Green-News: Thursday 11.13.08

  • Iceland's Geir H. Haarde, Germany's Angela Merkel, Australia's Kevin Rudd, South Korea's Lee Myung-bak and U.S. President-elect Barack Obama are the new green leaders; via TreeHugger.
  • Speaking of our president-to-be, alternative energy companies, like solar and wind, are thrilled with Obama’s energy plans, but oil companies are worried; The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Green-News: Wednesday 11.12.08

  • Global investors, holding more than $6 trillion in assets, want to stop climate change. Calling for an agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions, promote green technology and expand the global carbon market; Reuters reports.

Green-News: Tuesday 11.11.08

  • Do you have a root cellar? Arguably, my entire apartment is a cellar. But root cellars are making a comeback! Cool dark rooms are excellent for storing and extending the life of fresh fruits and vegetables; from The New York Times.


Green-News: Monday 11.10.08

Green-News: Friday 11.7.08

  • That’s an axolotl. It’s a salamander! Part of Aztec legend and diet, water monsters are now in danger. Invasive species, like African tilapia, and Mexico’s polluted canals THREATEN their survival; the Associated Press reports.
  • Norwegian lemmings are also at risk. As temperatures heat up, snow is not stable enough to provide them adequate shelter during the winter. Less lemmings mean predators, like foxes and owls, are in trouble too; BBC explains.
  • Lots of amphibians are turning up deformed, with extra limbs and the inability to reproduce. Scientists are worried. Animals like frogs and salamanders are indicator species for the health of the environment; via LiveScience.
  • Japanese scientists have cloned a mouse. Here’s the kicker. They used a cell that had been DEAD for 16 years! And mice are only the beginning. Scientists are eyeing a bigger prize, resurrecting the mammoth; the AFP reports.
  • Good idea! Especially since methane gas emissions are making a comeback, researchers reveal methane gas levels SHOT up in 2007, this after a steady period, about a decade, where atmospheric gases held stable; via ENN.


Eco-PRESIDENTIAL-News: Thursday 11.6.08

  • Barack Obama is proposing a $150 BILLION "Apollo project" that’ll bring energy security and 5 million new green jobs to the United States. In fact both candidates promised “millions” of green jobs; from The Independent.

Green-News: Wednesday 11.5.08

  • Bad news for Canada! Experts claim Canada’s environmental record ranks among the WORST in the industrialized world. Poor efforts to fight global warming are to blame; Reuters reports.
  • But China faces a heart-breaking eco-problem. The effects of climate change could WEAKEN bamboo crops and put the giant panda, a national symbol, in further peril; ENN reports.
  • With lithium gone, we could always switch to FUNGAL fuel! Scientists claim a fungus from leaves of the ulmo tree could convert plant waste into usable biodiesel; the NewScientist reports.


Green-News: Tuesday 11.4.08

  • Now, if a putt-putt car isn’t your thing. Consider BMW’s GREEN super car! It’s only in the idea phase, but it’d be a 2-seat vehicle that adheres to emission and fuel standards, while still looking sleek and cool; via forecast earth.
  • New York has 450 wind turbines, with 900 more planned. But before they get too carried away, state officials are setting up measures to ensure companies play by the rules, calling for CLEAN government; Reuters reports.

Green-News: Monday 11.3.08

  • Many people in the United Kingdom are going green, even in death! As funeral space becomes scarce, more and more Britons are looking for GREEN burial plots, like natural farmland and woodland areas; the AFP reports.
  • The Bush administration continues to force legislation that will weaken government rules protecting consumers and the environment, putting drinking water and emissions standards at risk; The Washington Post reports.