Some Feedback, Please...

Hey everyone. I hope you're enjoying DiseaseProof's new look. I have. It's been great!

Now, we're still working out the kinks and making subtle improvements, but in the meantime, do me favor. Let me know if you've encountered any problems reading the blog.

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Share Your Story!


Dr. Fuhrman has helped A LOT people. They’ve lost weight and overcame chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and much, much more!

Even me, DiseaseProof’s dopey blogger, slimmed down and straightened up using nutritional excellence. And, I was crazy enough to post it on the blog!

So, are YOU brave enough? Will you share your story with thousands of readers? That’s right. I’m calling you out.

If you’ve lost weight, beat diabetes, kicked heart disease or just learned how to eat better, whatever! We want your story.

Send an email to and I’ll give you the details. I look forward to it!

Better, Stronger, Faster...

Say hello to the NEW!

DiseaseProof has come a LONG way. From a lowly blip on the blogosphere, to an EVER-GROWING information source, regularly picked up by Reuters and other MAJOR news outlets.

Posting AMAZING numbers for a niche-blog. DiseaseProof continues to BREAK its own traffic numbers month after month. And this month figures to be the BEST yet! Cracking 100,000 total visitors.

DiseaseProof’s revamped image is just the NEXT step in its evolution. And it’ll only get better!

Kicking off the new design, this week will feature guest articles from our friends and colleagues, like Jim Foster of Diet-Blog and Jennifer McCann of Vegan Lunch Box, and special follow up posts on Operation Banana Hunt, my GREEN tomato and more!

Myself, Dr. Fuhrman and all of team Fuhrman THANK YOU for your loyalty and support! We’re glad to have you and we appreciate your help in making DiseaseProof an exciting and up-and-coming brand.

I’ll be around ALL day, ironing out all the kinks. So please explore the new look. Click around and let me know what you think. Make lots of comments. And thanks again, you guys ROCK! Peace.