Green-News: Friday 10.31.08

Green-News: Thursday 10.30.08

  • And now Nike is getting hip to the eco-push. New "Nike Considered" products will utilize efficient design patterns, which use less material and will be easier to RECYCLE and contain non-toxic compounds, like cork and organic cotton; Reuters reports.

Green-News: Wednesday 10.29.08

  • Sadly, the UK may be swan-less this year. Warming temperatures in Siberia are DELAYING the Bewick’s swan annual migration. Each year, bird watchers have been waiting for them longer and longer; The Telegraph reports.

A Tomato, Grown in Garbage

There are LOTS of ways to go green. You can eat organic food. Buy reusable shopping bags. And even stick a brick in your toilet.

Or you can dedicate SIX MONTHS of your life to growing a FREAKING tomato and blog about it EVERY week!

And then, you can make a VIDEO about it and set it to music:


You know you LOVE the song! Digging that up took some MAJOR nerdy-ness on my part.

Actually, growing that tomato was QUITE an experience. I really enjoyed doing it. I can’t wait for the spring, so I can do it again!

Stay tuned, DiseaseProof’s GREEN revolution has only begun!

This year's garbage tomato has begun

Green-News: Tuesday 10.28.08

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Green-News: Friday 10.24.08

Green-News: Thursday 10.23.08

  • To help save elephants, eBay has BANNED the sale of ivory. An eBay spokes claims they can’t guarantee the ivory is coming from regulation-compliant sellers; the Associated Press reports.

Green-News: Wednesday 10.22.08

  • Saving the planet is a great idea. But DON’T let it become an obsession! “Energy anorexics,” is the term experts are using to describe green-obsessed people; from The New York Times.
  • Recent U.S. tax-breaks may soon help solar-power to cost LESS than energy generated from conventional power plants; Reuters reports.

Green-News: Tuesday 10.21.08

Ozone Health Risks

Ozone is not JUST an environmental issue. It’s also a health issue. With ozone levels in peril, many experts insist people’s lungs are at risk. Inhaling TOO MUCH ozone can harm lungs and worsen respiratory ailments; Discovery News reports.

This has been a problem for a LONG time now. Previous reports have shown ozone levels can increase stroke risk, heighten the chance of premature death and even SHUT DOWN immune responses in the lungs. So screw it, I’m staying inside!

Green-News: Monday 10.20.08

  • Speaking of Europe, Britain will institute a LEGALLY-BINDING pledge to cut 80% of carbon emission by 2050; the AFP reports.

Green-News: Friday 10.17.08

Contaminants Found Bottled Water...

Yesterday, Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware urged baby bottle-makers to STOP using bisphenol-A (BPA). Reacting to research claiming BPA exposure causes learning impairments and depression.

And now, a new study discovered the SAME contaminants in tap water, turned up in popular brands of BOTTLED water, immediately challenging the belief that bottled water is purer; the Associated Press reports.

A similar story broke last year. Pepsi had to admit that its bottled water brand, Aquafina, is actually TAP water; responding to heat from environmental watchdogs claiming plastic bottles HARM the planet.

Ditch the freaking plastic already! Get yourself a metal water bottle, I did.

Green-News: Thursday 10.16.08

  • Green jobs are on the RISE and some of highest paying eco-jobs are venture capitalist, Chief Executive Officer and Vice-President of sustainability; via TreeHugger.

Green-News: Wednesday 10.15.08

Green-News: Tuesday 10.14.08

  • At high altitude ozone PROTECTS us, but at low elevation it promotes respiratory illnesses. And research shows Californian’s recent wildfires have pushed ozone levels BEYOND “safe” limits; the NewScientist Environment reports.
  • We’re used to thinking of asbestos as a toxin, that MUST be removed, but some experts suggest just leaving it alone or painting over it. This doesn’t disturb the dangerous fibers and seals them in place; The New York Times reports.

Green-News: Monday 10.13.08

My Tomato, Dust to Dust...


That’s ALL the leftover tomatoes. Here’s how they got there.



The fall weather took its toll. I had to pick them.



Sadly, it was time to say goodbye.



Look, ALL my compost turned into dirt!





Some STRANGE finds! Corn cobs, avocado shells and dirty apples.



No sense just throwing out the plant!



No, this story ISN'T over yet. To be continued.

Green-News: Friday 10.10.08

Green-News: Thursday 10.09.08

  • Now, more than ever, consumers are looking to SAVE money at the pump. Try INCREASING your fuel efficiency! Do more up-shifting, coast when possible, and break and accelerate smoothly; GreenSpace explains.
  • Some folks CAN’T live without their double espresso, triple caramel, extra cream and sugar coffee abomination, but according to a new report, Starbucks—with their “green” image—wastes millions of liters of water a day; The Guardian reports.

Green-News: Wednesday 10.08.08

Green-News: Tuesday 10.7.08

  • Texas resident, Clyde Curry, made those walls and sculptures out of “papercrete.” Super strong, fire retardant, lightweight bricks made out of PAPER; via TreeHugger.

Future Farming Goes Up!

Robots harvesting crops based on smell. Plants kept safe from disease and insects. Vertical sewage tanks converting waste to power and below ALL this would be a supermarket! That’s what FARMING might look like in the future; from

Actually, new age farming has changed A LOT over the years. In the past, they thought farming would exist on GIANT aquatic platforms and in bio-dome looking contraptions; via Paleo-Future.

Certainly puts my backyard compost-grown tomato to shame!

Green-News: Monday 10.6.08

Shriveling Tomato


No doubt, the end is near. With fall weather in full swing, my tomato is running OUT of time. Just look at it. Gone is the lush vibrancy. Now it’s slowly dying.

With MANY green tomatoes hanging on for dear life, I hope it can stick around just a LITTLE bit longer.

Green-News: Friday 10.3.08

  • More news from the left coast! This time the governator has proposed measures that would REWARD communities that reduce urban sprawl by building homes close together, which helps curb global warming; The Los Angeles Times explains.

Green-News: Thursday 10.2.08

  • To help combat climate change, the Food Climate Research Network suggests rationing low-nutrient foods; like meat, dairy products, alcohol and sweets. The Guardian reports.

Green-News: Wednesday 10.1.08

  • Hospitals produce a lot low-level NUCLEAR waste. Things like tubes, capsules and pellets. Nuclear waste is hard to get rid of and officials are worried it could fall into the wrong hands, like terrorists; the Associated Press reports.
  • Both McCain and Obama plan to get us OFF oil. They make it sound so simple, but experts urge they’re UNDERESTIMATING cost—it could be as high $1 trillion dollars; more from The Chicago Tribune.
  • Reusable shopping bags are EVERYWHERE! I’ve seen a lot of different people using them—from housewives to businessmen—but apparently a lot people have them, but don’t use them; The Wall Street Journal explains.
  • Did you know today, October 1st, is World Vegetarian Day? I didn’t it. It was created in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society, in order to “promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism.” Via Ecorazzi.