Kids: More on Phantom Obesity

Yesterday it was reported that many parents don’t realize that their children are overweight. In case you missed it. This Fox News video report will get you up to speed. Take a look:

Now, if you’ve actually caught yourself describing your child as “husky” or “big-boned,” you might want to ponder this quote in the AP report from Dr. Matthew M. Davis. Here it is:
"When I see a child that is obese at these younger ages, I take that as a sign of ways nutrition can be improved, a child's activity level can be improved."
Me thinks the good doctor might be onto something. From one doctor to another, Dr. Fuhrman explains why it shouldn’t be a surprise that all Americans, including kids, are getting fatter. Check it out:
Weight has increased in America simply because total calorie consumption has risen and activity or exercise has fallen. Our diets are more nutrient-deficient than ever.
Isn't acknowledging the problem is the first step?

"Exercise-Friendly" Daycare?

Robert Preidt of HealthDay News takes a look at mixing exercise with childcare. Here’s an excerpt:
"Childhood obesity is an epidemic that threatens the future health of our nation. We know that about 57 percent of all 3- to 5-year-olds in the United States attend child-care centers, so it's important to understand what factors will encourage them to be more active, and, hopefully, less likely to become obese," study co-author Dianne Ward said in a statement. Ward is director of the intervention and policy division in the nutrition department at University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill School of Public Health.

In their study, Ward's team evaluated the physical activity levels of children at 20 child-care centers in North Carolina.

They found that children did more moderate and vigorous physical activity if the child-care center: had more portable play equipment, such as balls, jump ropes, hula hoops and riding toys; offered more opportunities for indoor and outdoor active play; and provided physical activity training and education for staff and students.
Clearly, the TV is not a good babysitter.

Stressing Women, Hidden Fat

This CBS video report claims that stress can cause dangerous fat to build up around women’s internal organs. It’s pretty interesting. Check it out:

Scary! More reason for women to stay active and—for the sake of men everywhere—RELAX!