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Dr. Fuhrman on the Happy Housewives Club

Stay at home moms, working moms, dads—all sorts of parents play an important role in raising kids, especially when it comes to teaching healthy eating. How do I know this? Dr. Fuhrman wrote a book about it, Disease-Proof Your Child. Here’s an excerpt:

Here is the most important: No rules only for children. If the parents are not willing to follow the rules set for the house, they should not be imposed on the children. Don’t argue about what your children should and shouldn’t be eating; discuss this in private. As parents, we must be consistent, but not perfect. Likewise, it is okay for the children to be consistent, but not perfect either. For example, if the parents decide that an unhealthy food or a restaurant meal is acceptable for the children once per week, then that goes for the adults, too. Setting an example supported by both parents is the most important and most effective way for your children to develop a healthy attitude toward food.

Darla Shine of has taken a real shining to Disease-Proof Your Child, as a result once a week she’ll be broadcasting a podcast with Dr. Fuhrman. So, if you’re a stay-at-home-mom and you want you’re kids to grow up disease-proofed head over to, sign up, and start listening.