I realized I could do better

Tor from California shares his encouraging results: (Share your milestones)

I have been on a vegan diet for the past 13 years and just turned 40. In honor of that momentous event, I had a physical exam and blood work done and discovered that my total cholesterol was 155 and LDL was 101. After reading Dr. Fuhrman's book on cholesterol and heart disease, I realized I could do better, so I incorporated pomegranate juice into my diet (approximately 4 oz/day) and started supplementing with Dr. Fuhrman's LDL Protect formula (three times per day at meals). My latest cholesterol results are 115 for the total and 68 for the LDL, both of which are a significant improvement. Next steps include a more full implementation of the diet Dr. Fuhrman recommends in Eat to Live (ETL) - at home I eat close to an ETL diet, but I still fall prey to the siren song of restaurant food too frequently. In 2006, I hope to eat even better than I am now.
With best wishes and gratitude for your important work.

I have a long way to go but I know I'll get there.

Lucille talks about her first big win with Eat to Live: (Send us your accomplishments too)

Well, my first big win on Eat to Live (ETL) is that I am LOSING weight. I had gone on a vegetarian diet so many times and always gained weight. So I said....well, I guess that's not for me. But I'm very, very pleased with the results so far - about 4 pounds in less than 2 weeks.
I notice I fall asleep faster and wake more rested. I don't crave anything. I may look in the freezer at some ice cream but then I say...nah. Today I saw a huge chocolate cake at work and I just shrugged. I won't say it wasn't tempting but the awareness of how I would FEEL in about 20 minutes stopped me cold. But also, I really didn't crave it. I can't tell you how much cake and desserts I used to eat at gatherings. I'd keep going back to stuff myself. If someone talked to me, I couldn't wait to get rid of them so I could go back to the dessert table.
I eat less at meals, too. I used to feel like a pig because I couldn't stop eating. Now I know it's because I wasn't being nourished.
Before ETL, it had gotten excruciating to walk up and down the stairs - my knees hurt bad. Now it's about 60% better. It's only been 2 weeks.
My husband is coming around, too. He stopped making French fries and he eats salad every night.
I can honestly say I've found it. It's not difficult at all to eat like this. And I love preparing the food. I made the anti-cancer soup - outrageous! I never dreamed dishes with no oil could taste that good.
I have a long way to go but I know I'll get there.

I owe it all to that wonderful doctor

Here's an inspiring success story from Roz: (Email us your story!)

My name is Roz and I was diagnosed 30 years ago with Crohn's disease and colitis, I also was in severe pain, throwing up and having no control over my bowels. I was told then that I would need to have a large portion of my intestine removed because of a near blockage and a fistula. I had known back then of this way of living and eating and fasting and opted to by pass the doctor's treatment and did my first fast at one of the certified fasting practitioners. My disease was put in remission and the scar tissue in the intestine had flaked away opening up the area and the blockage was no longer. The fistula closed and I was educated on eating a vegetarian diet. Since then I have fasted at many institutes throughout the United States. However I have continually had periodic inflammation in my blood, suffered from acute depression all my life, was listless and continued eating dairy products and junk foods from the health stores. I continued having a weight problem. I may have developed some serious health conditions down the road with some of these conditions if I had not had a terrible relapse a few years ago.
At that time I developed more severe pain than I had 30 years ago and the doctors said I would have to go on drugs or I would be in serious trouble. My sedimentation rate of my blood skyrocketed.
Prior to this event in my life, the depression had gotten so out of hand I was suffering on a daily basis and was not able to perform even the simplest of tasks. I contacted Dr. Fuhrman whom I had gone to and worked with occasionally when I lived closer to his office. He immediately ran some tests and put me on supplements, one of which was DHA. I had never taken any supplements in my life and the first month I did not notice a change but one day I realized how great I was functioning. From that day to this I have not experienced any depression and this is the longest ever in my life I have not. It is several years that I have felt wonderfully free from this debilitating emotional illness.
So when this crisis came about with the Crohn's and colitis I called Dr. Fuhrman for his advise. During our consult he advised me to try some fasts at home under his watchful supervision and with monitoring my blood. This began the transformation of my health and my life. I have been continuing regular fasts at home under his care and have become a vegan. Something I never dreamed I could do. With his help I have found new recipes and new ways of cooking and preparing delicious meals that are so satisfying and so healthy. He has also taught me why certain foods are beneficial which makes eating more healthful easier. This has become a lifestyle I will never give up. The pain went away. In fact one doctor who tested me prior to me working with Dr. Fuhrman actually told me I needed to have my gall bladder removed. Thank God I did not listen to that one. I feel wonderful. No pain. Have energy. Lost all my weight. My sed rate has dropped considerably although I have to be monitored on a regular basis to keep it down. I continue to take periodic fasts under Dr. Fuhrman's care and continue to see positive results on a regular basis. And then there is that wonderful forum where I get support from others who follow the Eat to Live lifestyle. I cannot say enough great things about the care and concern Dr. Fuhrman has for not only myself but for everyone he works with. I am blessed and I am grateful for I have been given and real golden opportunity to live out the rest of my life in the highest level of health possible. And I owe it all to that wonderful doctor. Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Energy Through the Roof. Asthma Gone.

DiseaseProof recently sent out e-mail requests for success stories. (E-mail us yours!) One of the first to respond was Michael from the Bahamas:

Started reading your book (Eat to Live), 12 November 2005. Strarted the diet (new way of eating - 6 week plan) 2 December 2005. Weighed 266lbs. To date, 28th December, down to 248lbs (lost 18 lbs). Two more weeks to go. Energy through the roof. Asthma gone.

A New Way of Addressing Heart Disease

More than 1.5 million people will have a heart attack this year with about 1 million deaths due to heart disease. This amounts to another needless death every 30 seconds. In 1997 the direct medical costs attributed to heart disease came to 59 billion--more than any other medical condition. Drugs, medical procedures and surgery are the recommended approach to deal with heart disease in America. As a result, the demand for high-tech expensive, but largely ineffective, medical care is high, causing medical costs and insurance rates to skyrocket. The medical answer to heart disease is both financially devastating and futile. An entire industry has blossomed to attempt to deal with the dangers of heart-disease-causing food. It wouldn't be so bad if patients were told there was another option that was more effective and could reverse heart disease and protect their life with certainty. If good information was distributed to all patients, then they could choose which road was right for them.

If all the physicians in America gave patients this information, we would have a new major problem. The patients would get well, the doctors and hospitals would lose most of their business and the drug companies would lose billions. People would have to be re-trained for new careers as a multi-billion dollar industry would lose almost all of its customers. Not a likely scenario. Nevertheless, my goal is to recruit an army of heart-disease-proof individuals, who will be winners in the war against unnecessary heart disease deaths.

High cholesterol and resultant heart disease is a far too common problem--but it is both preventable and reversible. The risk of cardiovascular disease, resulting in a heart attack or embolic stroke, is directly related to your cholesterol level.

Today's cardiac protective recommendations are:
-LDL cholesterol below 100 mg/dl
-Total cholesterol below 150 mg/dl

Unfortunately, less than 10% of adults in the United States meet this requirement and heart disease and stroke kill more people than all other causes of death combined.

Dramatic cholesterol lowering results, without drugs

In my medical practice, I have helped thousands of patients successfully lower their cholesterol levels without drugs. I recommend that my patients lower their cholesterol through natural methods whenever possible, using prescription drugs only when absolutely necessary because of their potentially serious side effects. Almost all of my patients prefer this judicious approach and it is very rare that they are not able to achieve these protective levels naturally.

Hundreds of my patients have dropped their cholesterol into the favorable range and protected themselves against heart disease, without drugs, using my methods.

Just for an example, in one day, last month I had five patients who dropped their LDL cholesterol below 100 mg/dl. Don't forget, this was just one day in my practice!

Not only did all these individuals have dangerously high cholesterols, but each patient also reported numerous health problems. Peggy suffered from chronic anemia, Eugene was tired all the time, Keith had chronic heart burn and allergies, and Maria had become severely ill from a statin drug prescribed to her by her prior physician. These four patients needed help and they realized that prescription drugs were risky and not the answer. They all returned to my office between 6 and 8 weeks after their first visit and this is what we found.

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