A Fuhrman-Style Feast

Any of you who have read Eat to Live or Disease-Proof Your Child probably have some friends and relatives who think you survive on nothing but carrot sticks and flax seeds.

Have you met Robin Jeep? She's the respected professional chef who spends her days coming up with delicious new ways to prepare the healthy food Dr. Fuhrman recommends. She's on a mission to teach everyone that healthy food can be much more exciting and varied than carrot sticks and flax seeds. She proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt at the feast she oversaw a few weeks ago at a luncheon and lecture event Dr. Fuhrman put on in New Jersey.

By all accounts, the food was incredible. And now, just in time for Thanksgiving and the holidays, Robin has sent over the recipes she used that day:

  • Walnut Baked Lentils
  • Vibrant Veggies
  • Tossed Mixed Greens and Fruit with Blueberry Dressing
  • Pumpkin Citrus Soup
  • Beet Carrot Cake with Warm Butternut Lemon Sauce and Macadamia Whipped Cream
Here's my advice: print these recipes out and keep them on hand for the next few weeks. They could help you maintain a healthy diet through the holiday feasting season: 

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