Julisa's Excellent Diet Defeats Lupus

The following story was written by Rosario P. who lives in Clifton, New Jersey.

In March 2004, Julisa developed a rash and after consulting several doctors, it was treated as poison ivy with topical medications. When the problem persisted, we took Julisa to St. Joseph's Hospital in Patterson, NJ. Following many tests, including kidney DNA, she was diagnosed with stage-four lupus (end stage), and placed on immunosuppressive drugs and steroids, including prednisone, creating very difficult side effects for a teenage girl. Desperate for alternative treatments, Julisa's mother and I searched the Internet for lupus information and found Jill Harrington's book, The Lupus Recovery Diet. The book credits included Joel Fuhrman, M.D. and we made the first appointment in August 2004.

Dr. Fuhrman explained the benefits of natural, balanced nutrition and prescribed a completely plant-based diet to cleanse Julisa's system. Of course, we were very skeptical that a diet could have such a drastic impact on her condition.

About the same time we took Julisa to a kidney specialist at Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, who told us that she was facing kidney dialysis and placed Julisa on the national kidney transplant list. We struggled with the options facing her and the family. On one hand, Julisa would endure a weekly routine of dialysis sessions and eventual kidney failure, if a transplant wasn't found. On the other hand, she (and the family) would have to completely change eating habits -- no more pizza or cheeseburgers -- to comply with Dr. Fuhrman's program, and we weren't sure it was going to work.

Under Dr. Fuhrman's care, we finally decided to stop all Julisa's medications and treat her lupus with a plant-based diet. April 2005 testing revealed absolutely no trace of lupus in Julisa's system. Her kidney function has improved dramatically and continues to return to full function. Julisa recently celebrated her "Sweet Sixteen," with a healthy future and junior year in high school ahead of her. We all take every opportunity to tell other lupus patients and anyone we know about the miraculous results obtained from Dr. Fuhrman's nutritional approach. We are so very grateful to Dr. Fuhrman.